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Mercury | Type B Messaging System                      

Type B Messaging is a means for exchanging electronic messages with aviation partners and businesses across the globe, through one secure connection, ensuring flight operations, aircraft maintenance and other key, critical messages, such as crucial parts orders and passenger services, are delivered quickly and securely, with utmost reliability, maintaining efficient and effective airline productivity.


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Why choose Mercury Ground-Bmail?

Use the best solution to analyze and optimize your type-B telecom invoices, generating significant savings and a very short ROI
Get personal advice to optimize your network and simulate your gains thanks to the ITSolutions Type-B experts
Every workstation in your company is a potential GROUND-BMail workstation. This offers great flexibility and secures your operation
Have access to an intuitive WEB user interface that does not require any deployment or special training

Features and Benefits 

GROUND-BMail is both a middleware solution between your applications, your cloud services and other enterprise systems
A user friendly interface to manage your Type-B mailboxes
GROUND-BMail allows you to send type-B messages and e-mails simultaneously
Many other functions are available - templates, lists, multi-criteria search, archiving and profile management